Welcome to Dj Tito’s Promo web page, here you can hear me perform; normally I like to play a song for approximately 2-3 minutes.
Mash up is fun but most people like to hear more of their favorite songs.
Songs played for over 3 minutes can get boring. But there are a few songs that must be heard in their entirety. So you will find me going over 3 minutes once in a while. I will also mix in sound bites of older songs, so I am guilty of all styles of Dj’ing, but I will mostly play 1-3 minutes of each song, this is what you’ll hear in my mixes. Hope you enjoy my mixes!

2016 Chart Buster Mega mix

2015 80’s New wave vs Rock mix

2015 year end MIX

2014 year end MIX

2013 year end MIX

2013 Club Dance MIX

2013 Meren Hip-Hop house Mix

2013 Zumba Mix

2013 Latin Party

2012 Dance Mix A

2012 Dance Mix B

2012 Tribal

Party Mix 2008a

Hip Hop Mix 2008a

2003 Caribe Remix

Late 90’s

Mid 90’s

Late 80’s

Early 80’s Mix not much new-wave on it

DJ Tito’s 70’s Disco MIX

Dj Tito’s 70’s 2 hour mix

Our last Lewis & Clark Fiesta 2013, “Check out our equipment”

Why do I call myself Dj Tito?  It all started the first time I went to Costa Rica I stayed at a camp ground called Tito’s Camping in Tamarindo.(it no longer exists). Then I open up a nightclub called Tito’s Wine and Dance” named after the Camp Ground, what I never expected is that all the customers started calling me Tito. I told them it was not my name but they did not care the entire town never called me by my name they always called me Tito, and when I was Dj’ing they called me DJ Tito..  There you have it name stuck!